The Artificial Intelligence Invasion : A comical take of AI and life
Imagine life a few years into the future —a not so far away future — where your daily activities are completely controlled by AI and smart IoT devices. A life where these devices are your companions, guardian angels and support systems! A life straight out of technological utopia? What would that look like? What effect would it have on people? How will a DAY IN THE LIFE of a future tech-utopian dweller look like?
Well, here is a comical take on how that would be, followed by how current technologies are already implementing such paradigms through really awesome concepts! This was made by me and my colleagues Vishal Vaidhyanathan and Cheng Zhou from Carnegie Mellon University, for our course “Design Center : AI and Culture”. 
Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you, a sneak peek into the life of lazy Allen Tucker, our very own tech-utopia dweller.

Hey Allen!

That’s crazy Allen! if only someone woke me up like this :/. Sigh! What else, Allen?

Damn Allen! If only I knew Nobel “Price” existed…

Phew, how convenient! A pack of tomatoes for me too, please?

So lucky! and I am here singing prayers to stop my body from growing..horizontally.. 😩

I knew it! He IS a Mama's boy after all... 

Isn’t that wonderful? I am sure Allen lives the life. Technology like this can really be a boon to people’s life, and development of such seamless tech is not very far away. Conversational AI and building up such interfaces on different devices have become prevalent, and is continuing to grow.
Well, it is really exciting to see how new technologies can affect our life, and what AI has in store for us!
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